Green light glowing but phone not connected to device

Just open bolt cloud and login to your account, under devices check weather you have any devices listed over there and check the status of the devices.
if you find any devices over there then no worries you can continue with your project works.
if not unplug bolt device and turn of your wifi router then plugin the bolt device and make sure the blue light blinks then your good to configure your bolt device.

@jebinapriscilla I use the router.

@dhanush I’ll try that and let you know.

You simply need to disconnect your Wifi Router first so that your boltiot device doesn’t connect to internet
then open the boltiot app on your SmartPhone,
you will notice that your BoltIot Module is blinking Blue Light
then You have to log into your boltiot account in the App
and then it will ask you to connect to the wifi of the Module
then connect to the module using the password given on the screen and open the app again and click continue

it will setup your device and ask you for the router name and password
then you have to enter your SSID of the router and Password
and dont forget to turn your router on and
then it will configure your setting and
you are good to go.
hope this was helpful.

hey @kallln
The green light indicates that it has been connected to bolt cloud. As now your green light glows as soon as you power it is due to it gets automatically connected to your wifi and then to bolt cloud,because you had connected this using phone when you had setup it for your first IOT project the bolt wifi module to cloud.Once connected no need to connect again using cellphone.

Hope it helps…

I had this same issue. I contacted the forum about it and got to know that my bolt device is faulty and it needs replacement.

Having the same issue …both lights glowing but the device isn’t being displayed on the app…tried multiple restarts …logins…still status quo.

Follow the following steps it will be solved.
1)Off the wifi router which you have connected it to before and the bolt module.
2)forget the details of the wifi network in your phone. Your phone should not be connected to any wifi or it should not have any remember and password of the wifi in near by locations.
3)Then reinstall bolt iot app login to app using internet of mobile data.
4)on the bolt module.
5)off mobile data and connect to the boltmodule’s hotspot.
6)then follow the steps shown in the module.
7)now on your wifi router and select it in the bolt iot app and connect the same wifi to your phone.

the problem will be solved.

Re install your bolt iot app and try another time .make sure that your wifi is on, after the green light has blown

i have tried this but still my wifi module gets connected to my wifi automatically. what should i do?

Hello @kallln
No matter what shows on your Bolt App, the moment the green light turns on, and if it remains stable, that is a sure indication that your Wi-fi module is now connected successfully with the Cloud.
I have encountered this problem frequently. Due to certain network glitches, the app takes some time to show that the module is connected to the cloud or not, regardless of the network strength. If the app takes too much time to respond, or it gets frozen, simply direct-exit the app, remove its background running from the phone RAM and restart it again. You will find, its showing that the module is connected now, to the cloud.
Do let me know whether the method helped you solving your problem.

yeah that happens to my device also did u find any solution?

Firstly reinstall the app .
After reinstalling, again add device to the mobile which has the app.