Green light is not glowing but the the connection is online

Hi @chaitanyasureofficia,

Please attempt refreshing the page in your browser if you notice the green light is not glowing on the Bolt WiFi Module, but the connection in the Bolt Cloud shows as online.

Could you kindly confirm if you have completed the WiFi setup of the Bolt Device at this point or not?

Hi @rohit.ts
I’ve refreshed the page but the green light is not glowing on the bolt wifi module, but the connection still shows as online and yes the wifi setup is complete at this time

Hi @chaitanyasureofficia,

Can you please share your Device ID and the Email ID to which it is linked to so that we can check this and get back to you.

Hi @rohit.ts
Device ID:

Display Name:

Email ID:


There appears to be a technical issue. We will investigate this matter and provide you with an update by Tuesday.

Hi @chaitanyasureofficia
It says that the status of the product is online but the product is not linked. This means that the product is not linked completely.
The same thing happened to me too. You would have to make the project from scratch . If that doesn’t work , there must be some technical problems or some hardware problems. You can actually lodge a complaint if u feel something is wrong with the hardware.
Hope this helps!

Hii @chaitanyasureofficia
Please refresh the page in your browser.
If you see that the green light is not glowing on the Bolt WiFi Module, and the connections in the Bolt Cloud show as online, so you have some technical issues.

If still you have some problems you can contact me in

I hope that this will help you a little better.

Hi @chaitanyasureofficia,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
Could you please provide a brief 20-second video of the device while powering it on? This will assist us in identifying any potential problems, particularly with the cloud LED.

If there is indeed an issue with the device, we will promptly arrange for a replacement.

Error message while sharing video: Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif, webp, avif).

The forum isn’t accepting any video format
Can i get your mail id so that i send you the video there?


You can share the video with us via email. Please send it to the following email address:

@rohit.ts email sent
Thank you for your support @rohit.ts @supernabhya17 @prayanshunagwanshi20

Hi @chaitanyasureofficia,

I’ve reviewed the video you shared, and it seems there’s an issue with the Cloud Green LED; it’s not functioning properly. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused
We’ll arrange to ship another Bolt WiFi Module to your address.