Green light is not stable it continuously blinking

the green light is not stable it is continuously blinking I tried everything to fix this problem but not getting any solution

Green light blinks when it is not properly connected to wifi.there may be some problem with your wifi connection .try to reconnect it with a diffrent wifi source.when it is connected properly both light will become stable and u will be able to see ur device on dashboard.

The green light becomes stable when your bolt device gets access to your internet connection. If you are using your universities WiFi, it might be having some sort of firewall stopping the connection to the bolt cloud.

check with the internet connection of the device to which you have connected the bolt wifi will take 2 or 3 sec to connect.if not u can try connecting the device to other wifi source.

check the internet connection

green light is not stable because your internet is not working , then you connect to another wifi and check

For the Bolt module to be connected the wifi needs to be stable i.e. the green light should be stable .@ansusharma pls check ur wifi properly for restrictions and all .I also faced the same situation what I did is I connected the bolt module with the wifi and disconnected it and again try to connect it .please try this it worked for me

@anshusharma the problem you are facing because your internet connection might not be stable and check your usb connection must not be properly done.Even due to slow internet you might be facing this problem.

If your green light isn’t stable and blinking continuously it might be because your cloud id of bolt isn’t linked with the bolt wifi model correctly. Try making the connections all again and than again try to make and id on bolt cloud and do make sure that you have the same wifi connected to both your pc on which you are working with the cloud and the bolt wifi model

hi,if your module green light is not getting stable it means might be your wifi is not being properly connected or try some other wifi router