Green light not blinking and showing bolt device offline

My bolt cloud was working till yesterday. When I connected today it showing device off line and even blue light also blinking. Green light only once blink when it connected to laptop. how to troubleshoot this?
please help

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@physiotherapist78 ,
Make sure ur wifi module is connected to a wifi network.
Follow the steps given in the course to connect to wifi network.
Once this is done,both the leds get stable,implying ur device is online and connected to bolt cloud.
You can now start working with the module.
Let me know if it worked.

Once you have connected the bolt wifi module to your wifi device at home, you don’t need to do it all over again every time you disconnect your device from a power source. The next time you do it, the blue light may blink for some time but will gradually become steady, and in the meantime the green light will become steady too. I would suggest that remove the external devices if you have connected some to your wifi module (although it shouldn’t be an issue) and check your connection between the bolt module and your laptop once again. If it still doesn’t work try connecting it to another power source. For further queries regarding the same issue, please try to include a picture or two.

I didnot get connected to wifi. It just connects and disconnects automatically


Can you please do the setup process and shoot a video of it? Share the same to the same drive folder.