Green light not blinking

I have connected my wi-fi module for the first time. The blue light is ON and stable, that means my wifi module is connected to my phone. But the green light is not ON. My college wi-fi requires a proxy to be set for connecting to the internet. Is there any way that I can set a proxy so that the wifi module also gets connected to the internet.

Hi @poddar.raghav01 ,

Unfortunately the Bolt device won’t be able to connect to such a network.

Instead you could use your/colleagues mobile hotspot to connect the device to the internet.

Hi @poddar.raghav01,

Your college wifi must have blocked the connection from bolt device to Bolt Cloud. Now you need to disconnect your Bolt from your college wifi and connect to your phone’s hotpot instead.

Install the advanced ip scanner on your laptop and find the IP address of the Bolt device and disconnect it from your wifi network and follow the setup process again to link your device to other wifi networks.

Refer this link :

Do let me know in case you need further assistance./