Hackster.io and capstone

Well i am very confused regarding the projects , i am sure that we need to make project on capstone now the problem is that the instructions for the exam saya that you need to put link for project made on hackster.io with a reference link … now how to make project on hackster.io m very confused.

You need to make a PDF document along with the pictures and the corresponding objectives. Upload this on google drive and then share the link perhaps?

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@madhusudansoni773 Here following are the steps that can follow to make the project on the hackster.io website

  1. Visit the hackster.io website.
  2. Login and sign up with your account.
  3. After logging in, u will see your profile in the top right corner of the website.
  4. In your profile, u will see various sections out there. Go to the project section.
  5. Under the project section, go to ‘Create project’ section.
  6. Fill up the details about your project under various sections of your project like the circuit diagram, code etc. U can do this either manually, or u can already make a pdf doc about your project and then copy-paste.what you wrote into their respective field.
    U can save whatever you have done and then u will get ur hackster project link. U will have to paste this link for the exam.