Hackster project issue

How to change the access of the project from private to public ?Can we edit or delete a project which I have already created in hackster?

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Hi @revathyanu02,
Yes, it is possible to edit/delete a project created in hackster.io.
After logging in, open your project. You would find the ā€˜Project Admin settingsā€™ window at the top of the page. You can click on edit or under options, delete the project.
To make the project public, simply click on ā€˜Publication settingsā€™ and make the page accessible by choosing appropriate radio button option for project visibility at the end of the page and save the changes.

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Sir I went through publication settings.As I have initially given it as private,when I click in the settings,its not responding.What to do sir?How can I convert it from private to public?

Have you submitted the project for some competition on Hackster? Or in any case had you transferred the ownership to someone else?
If not, you can create another project and copy the contents to the new project. Make sure you make the project public before publishing.

In Hackster page while creating the project you can see the publication setting . In it you can change the view of the project to public or private