Hard Copy of Certificate Not Received

I completed my Bolt IoT and ML training on May 30, 2020. I received the soft copy of my certificate of completion on that day itself. However, I wanted a hard copy of the certificate so I made the required payment of Rs. 275 so that I could receive the hard copy of the certificate to my address. However, I haven’t received the hard copy of the certificate till now nor have I received any notification regarding it. It has been 2 weeks since I made the payment. Hope that someone looks into this issue so that I can receive my certificate as soon as possible.

Hi @sangeethrocks94,

I am inviting @shoeb.ahmed. He will help you out with your query.

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@sangeethrocks94 Apologies for the delay. Our shipping system is just getting back up on its feet. Also, the delivery companies are saturated with the volume of deliveries to make. It may require few more days to deliver the hard copy of the certificate.

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u have to pay for the hardcopy