Hardcopy of certicate not come till now

I have completed my course in june and i have paid the money for getting hardcopy of the certificate to be delivered at my home.
But more than 2 months gone and there is no message or any other communication done in this duration from boltiot and i am still waiting for my certificate. I dont like this type of long delay from the bolt iot team. If any team member of boltiot team is reading this message then please do something for this problem.
And if anybody else also have any solution for this then kindly reply for same. Because i am a final year student and after sometime i need to use this in my college.
Thank you


We have received your complaint. You will get an update either via email or phone call by tomorrow EOD from one of my colleague.

My apologies for the long delay. We were facing a lot of issues and delays related to the lockdown where the certificate hard copies were misplaced, damaged and the services to print, sign and transport the certificate were severely impacted.
We have actually sent the certificate shipments to the people who have requested for the hard copies this weekend i.e. 29’th August 2020. You should be receiving the hard copy of the certificate shortly in a couple of days time.