Hardware configuiratuion problem project first1

sir while deploying configuration its saying no hardware configuration exits for this device type .
what to do?
and i have checked all the conection to the bolt its On still error occurs


I do not exactly know why this problem is arising. But to workaround the problem you should make sure that your code is correct and also due to some unknown reasons if your variable name is not lowercase this issue is arising, so make sure your variable name is not uppercase.

actually coding is next step of it as per the module ,its before coding . coding is done after seeing the result of the LDR

first of all you have save the hardware configuration,that is you have to name the pin and click the save button @omkargaikwad.odg

i am also facing same issue the …

@omkargaikwad.odg @mayuzmayuri go to products and add the product with the name u give it, then configure the hardware and import the coding. save the configuration. now click on deploy configuration.

try re connecting the module and restarting the the whole wifi connectivity process this works most of the time.

@omkargaikwad.odg @mayuzmayuri
Hi friends, assemble the circuit as per the requirements that have been mentioned in the module.If you have done this assign a good variable name to the pin and move over to the coding section.Then do as per the instructions and save.Do check the code once again because even an extra space can cause an error.
And you have must be sure that you are deploying the configuration after doing these steps .And also check if you are able to view the results after the duration that you have set.

Thank You, hope it helps!!
Do ask me if you are still facing the issue without any hesitation.