Hardware configuration of led project

i made the controlling led project and it successfully worked now i was trying and connecting the other resistor end to gpio pin other than 0 . i made the connections but when i try to configure the hardware configuration of the product from 0 to any other gpio pin in the product tab the green dot is not changing from 0 pin to that pin how to solve the issue?

Hiiiā€¦@jain.reechika, the other resistor may be of such high value that it prevents the LED from glowing

@jain.reechika I also faced the same problem during my training period. This might happen because you much have used the API key of your bolt device for more than 20 times in a minute which blocks the use of API for 6 hours. This can be restored via the mail you must have received on your mail id or by waiting for 6 hours. The other reasons might be misplaced connections or bulb fused or wrong type of resistor used, etc.