Hardware configuration

while deploying my first project to obtain the graph on the cloud bolt account it is showing error that, “no hardware configuration exists for this device type”. kindly help me out to complete my first light monitoring project.

Hi @shraddhakaraiya,

It seems that you may not have saved the hardware configurations for your product.

Please view the link below, to find out how to configure the hardware for your product.

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Try the following…

  1. the code to be written is plotChart(‘time_stamp’,‘light’);
    (here my variable name is light). We need to use single inverted commas rather than double which is shown in the IOT training videos.
  2. Always save the product and hardware configuration
  3. Check the hardware connections.

keep the variable name more than 3

Most importantly it is written while configuring the code that ‘the variable name must be in lower case’…If one uses upper case for assigning variable, this problem will occur.

If you are linking to analog pin, then the length of the variable should be minimum of 3 characters.

It is important that you save your hardware and code details before deploying. There might be a possibility of it showing this error when you have not saved your hardware configuration.

Link you product to bolt.

Check the hardware configuration of your product…

Go through Below Link:-


Hit the "save " button after hardware configuration and after the code.