Hardware connections for temperature monitor

i received different colors of male to female wires i.e white, grey and purple compared to the colors used in the training. the colors used in the training are red brown and orange. how do i connect my wires to the LM35 sensor?

Hi! Put the white wire onto the pin1 of LM35 and then into the 5v, grey wire onto the pin 2 of Lm35 and then into the A0, finally put the purple wire onto the pin 3 of LM35 and then into the ground of the Bolt wifi module and u are done with it .:slight_smile:

Hi, the colors of the wire does not matter. place the sensor in a way so that you can read the name of the sensor LM35 and connect any of the wire from left most pin of sensor to 5v and middle pin to A0 and last pin to GND.

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hi… color of wires have nothing to do with the connection of circuit just u need to take the temperature sensor LM35 as u can see written on it then from the left to right join the 3 wires of any color does not matters any how… then start connecting from left … join the left wire to 5v of bolt ,middle wire to the AO pin of the bolt and the third wire to the grnd pin of the bolt and then u can link the device to the bolt cloud and perform the required tasks.