Hardware Connections in first project

In the project Light Intensity Monitoring can I make the hardware connections as follows

  1. Place 10k ohm resistor in A0 and 3v3 pins.
  2. Place LDR in A0 and GND.

As the circuit shown in training module had the connections as above.

What is the difference between 5V and 3v3 pins?

Yes you can do , it will work for sure just the values that you will get will be reverse that is with the increase in intensity of light the value measured by analog pin will decrease and with decrease in light intensity the value measured by analog pin will increase. And the difference between 5v and 3v3 is that the output voltage at 5v pin is 5v and at 3v3 pin is 3.3v that’s it.

  1. No, You can’t. You need to place LDR in 3v3 and A0.
  2. ESP 8266 processor(Bolt module’s inbuilt processor) operates at voltage 3.3v. It’s different from 5v. But our power connector is 5v. Bolt module’s voltage regulator convert the voltage 5v to 3.3v. Because ESP 8266 operate properly. That’s all.

I think we can connect the circuit in the way I mentioned as swapping the resistors which are in series will not make any difference.
And coming to the second point, it was about the pins on the Bolt WiFi module.

As i replied you can connect the circuit like the way you said. I have verified this on different platforms like arduino uno, node mcu etc.