Hardware Design Tooling & Visualization?

Which software do you use to do the nice charts in the Bolt IoT documentation?
e.g. here https://www.boltiot.com/public/pdf/QuickStartGuide_DeveloperResources_DR_151017_d2.pdf

I use http://fritzing.org/ for my layouts. Is there a library for the Bold IoT board? Would be great.

Do you have some other recommendation for hardware and layout support?
e.g. some from this recommendations?

Hi @stefan:

The graphs which are shown on the quick start guide were made using the google charts library.
You can find out how to plot similar graphs on the Bolt Cloud in the following link.

You can learn more about the google charts library in the following link

Here is the Cloud documentation link where you can download the Bolt WiFi module Fritzing part

Great! Thanks for your quick answer :wink:

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