Hardware isnt showing in dashboard


I have done all the steps mentioned for linking the module to the cloud, in fact, the green and blue light is on(glowing) making me think the device is connected to cloud, but when I check my dashboard its mentioned HARDWARE(0). I have even tried in different wifi networks, but it said it’s already linked to cloud. But it isn’t as can be seen in dashboard hardware.
because of that I’m unable to do any further steps.
please help ASAP.



try unlinking you project and follow the steps form first and make sure you are connected the same wiifi network that means your mobile and laptop should be connected to same wifi network try using other mobile for hotspot i was facing the same problem but after doing this it worked.Follow the steps properly as given.


@ranganaatreya Please try refreshing your browser and make sure that you have signed in via the same email ID that you have used on the mobile app.