Hardware kit delivery issue

I haven’t received my Bolt IoT kit. I had paid money for IoT kit on July 23rd, but still I didn’t receive yet… it’s been one month more…
May I know what’s the problem is…??
I want to know status of my hardware kit or else return my money… it’s already too late… to get my kit. My order number is #india29487.

If you received tracking order id you can tran you order or you can just check order was perfectly placed or not!

sir there would have been given a link to track your order at time of ordering kit. please visit your email again.

Hi @vamseekasani2000,
I would just suggest you to check all the details reguarding the hardware kit again .Also you can just Login into https://cloud.boltiot.com/ and go to your profile>Trainings.There you will be able to track your order and get exact details about it.

Thank you.


Your kit was not shipped as the courier services were not able to ship the kit at the address that you have provided.

I have informed our Operations team to try again. We shall update you soon.