Hardware module has loose connection

Actually, I was using the boltIoT module, the hardware seemed to be having a loose connection. While connecting to the power inlet port has come out. Request you to please help me out regarding this as it is just a few months since I bought it and due to this I am unable to complete the course.
Request Bolt to please help me out. :disappointed_relieved: :pray:
Krishna N Athreya
email- krishna.nthreya@gmail.com

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do share video of your module along with your issue to support@boltiot.com
they will surely help you out for this.

Hi as mentioned in above reply,please contact to support@boltiot.com. Otherwise visit a nearby hardware repair shop, i think they will sort out your problem. It seems your power pluggedin port detached from your wifi module and it is a hardware related problem.I hope this will help you :blush:

At first contact to support@boltiot.com. and ask them if they could replace the boltiot wifi module. otherwise refer to any nearby hardware repair store.

I had contacted support@boltiot.com regarding this they have replaced the board.