Having confusion in starting up the training on IOT and ML

i have got a mail regarding the start of the training but on the page of the training i got two options’’ enroll in training’’ and ‘‘buy the training’’, i dont know which one to choose.

Thanks for the question, fellow IoT Developer.
Hope you have received your Kit and are now starting the training. Firstly, you need to follow these steps:

Training access

CRITICAL: Read each step carefully and do it. Do NOT skip any step.

  • Create an account on Bolt Cloud.
  • Login to the account you created in the previous step.
  • Click on cloud.boltiot.com/training
  • Read all the steps given on the website link in step 4 carefully and follow them.

Steps to access the online training:

  1. Please visit this link https://trainings.boltiot.com.
  2. Click on Enroll Now and fill in your details to SignUp on the site.
  3. Now you will be shown the courses available.
  4. Click on “Enroll in Course for $130
  5. You will be shown the page to pay for the course. Since you have already paid for the training, instead of making the payment again, click on Add Coupon and use the unique code worth $130: “ALPHA-NUMERIC COUPON CODE” to make payment of $130 and access the course.
  6. Click checkbox to agree to Terms and Conditions and click on Enroll in Course.
  7. You will be shown the confirmation screen. Click on Continue to Course button to view your training.

NOTE : The alpha-numeric coupon code will be sent to you on your registered e-mail.

‘’ enroll in courses for 130$’’ , there is no such option like that . After choosing the iot and ml training for 130$ it is showing 2 options ‘’ enroll in training’’ and ‘‘buy the training’’. I am confused between the two.

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You should choose “Enroll in Training” and proceed as above. Hope that helps.
Thanks !

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Yes it worked, thank you!

Everything is mentioned in the mail regarding your training.
But there is a thing you can access your training through those links only when the you have paid your training fees.