Having problem in deploying the product

I am having trouble uploading the code to the Bolt module .Whenever I deploy Configuration it shows me the message of " NO HARDWARE CONNECTIONS " as I have done everything right .
Is there anyone else facing the same problem.

is it showing your boltiot wifi module online?

well, make sure u have configured the product properly, and circuit connections are made properly as per the configuration

Once the product is linked to bolt wifi module, deploying configuration works irrespective of it being online/offline.

Hope you got that, also u can try that.

@zaminparvez14 make sure while configuring the product on bolt cloud you have made the hardware changes too that is, the pin to which you are connecting the device, writing a variable name for that pin and replacing with the same variable name in your code.

Hi @zaminparvez14

I too had the same problem and the problem was to use a different resistor with the exact color codes in the circuit diagram.


@nabothdemetrius I am bit confused about your answer. The query by the OP seems to be on the Hardware configuration on the Bolt Cloud. While what you are referring to is about physical hardware connection. Am I missing something here?

@PPV Actually I had the same message popping up when i was doing the plant monitoring project and I tried everything. Then i did notice that the resistor I used was wrong. When I changed it. It worked for me.

I suspect that that was a case of coincidence. I don’t think that resistor change could affect product configuration.

@pranav.kundaikar: Am I missing something here?

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@PPV Thank you for letting me know :blush:

First you want to connect the BOLT IOT module connect to wifi, If it shown online then link the device to your cloud.Select configurations of this product. Go to code option and write your code and upload it.

Hope it work fine, you can got it.