Having problem in running a html code

I made a html code in my phone using sock code editor and just a beginner in coding. I wrote a simple code about inserting a image in the page …

Though in code editor preview the code works well and images are clearly shown

But when downloading the file and trying to run on the other device or viewing it on HTML viewer in same device it is showing error I don’t know why pic is not showing

I am sharing SS of the code please tell what is the mistake


What other device are you opening it in? Is that device connected to the internet?

Check your image source and confirm it my the file name you used after that do check also the extension.

hello friend
you have pasted the image link in the syntax ie in the img src code which is not correct
absorve the following step, might be help for your problem

  1. you have to save the image in the file location which you have added to the app by giving the image name.
  2. you have to give the image name in the syntax ie
  3. if not getting watch the video once again which is highly recommended