Having problem in understanding VM ware

Can anyone please explain how to operate VM ware after installation? And how to run my python code in bolt platform using vmware?? Please let me know coz it is important to complete my project.

You need to open VMware workstation 12 player and then double click on ubuntu, then you need to login using the id and password you created. For using the python code in bolt platform you need to setup the bolt python library first. The process is given in the link below:

I hope this helps!

Hi @o161098

After installing Vmware you have to do these following steps:

Step-1:Download Ubuntu Server iso file from the official website if the link given in the training is not working which in my case didnt work.

Step-2:Go to the Vmware and select the option to add a virtual machine and select the iso that u did download before.

Step-3:Then give the info asked and allot 20 gb of space which is much better for the newer versions.

Step-4: Then the OS will load and when you keep moving you might stuck at the login part where i did as I felt I was not able to type my password and i tried restarting several times but the real thing was that the password is getting typed but is not visible for security reasons.

Hope it helps you:)

You need to do the following after installing Vmware & Ubuntu ISO:

  • 1:the link is provided in the training go to the link or download it from the official website. Go to Vmware and select the option to add a virtual machine and select it.
  • 2:If you downloaded the ISO first, select that image.
  • 3: There are a few things you need to fill out, including allotting at least 20 gigs of space, which is better than the 10 gigs for newer versions.
  • 4: When you proceed, you will reach the login part,
    *5: login by putting the correct username and password
    note: as you enter the password it may not visible so after typing it do press the enter button and then you will be able to run the VM ware.
    after that put the commands which are given in the training
  1. for the first command type “sudo apt-get install -y update”
  2. install pip3 by the command “sudo apt install python3-pip”
    to install boltiot library type the command “sudo pip3 install boltiot”
    and now you can start building your project