Health Monitoring System using arduino & boltiot module

Hi, I’m making my final year project. A part of which is different sensors are integrated using arduino uno and bolt wifi module, whose recorded input data is to be sent to pre-trained ML classification model for testing, followed by notification alert.
My problem is once I have sensor data, how should i pass that to my ML model? where its .py script should be located and how it should automatically run?

Hi @divnoorsingh675,
You can use the Bolt Python Library to communicate with your Bolt over the cloud using Python script. You can run the python script on a server(Recommended, eg: Digital Ocean Droplets) or on your own computer. You can use UART to send the data from the Arduino to the Bolt and pull the data using the Python Library. To easily communicate between the Arduino and Bolt, you may use the Bolt Arduino Library.

Use sudo pip3 install boltiot to install the Bolt Python Library.

Visit this link for documentation of python library.
Visit this link for documentation of Arduino library.

Do check this documentation to learn more about Bolt Python Library and Arduino Library. Do let me know if you have any other queries.