Heart Rate monitoring using AD8232 and bolt wifi module

Can I link the bolt wifi module with the heart rate sensor monitor module AD8232 which I have made using Arduino nano and receive notifications on telegram when it crosses a certain value?

Yes you can do it. Both Arduino and Bolt module works on same principle just the difference is arduino has more analog and gpio pins in comparison to Bolt module. But arduino will not provide data storage where as Bolt will provide wireless cloud storage.

We have to use either one of them ?
Can we use all AD8232,Arduino Nano and Bolt module since I was making a project for college using arduino nano and thought that it would be better if we could store that values on cloud or get a notification of it using telegram which is why I was wondering whether I can use them all together.

its your choice if you use arduino nano or bolt module or both. it mainly depends on your choice. Which is easier for you to understand. Yes you can use all together. All the best for your project.

Okay…thank you. I’ll try then.