Heart Rate Sensor Monitoring

I want to monitor my heartbeat using bolt, I have written a code in python to read the input from the sensor but it always returns a value of 1024 and the value isn’t changing at all. Please help me with this, should I connect Arduino and then transfer the data to the bolt using serial communication.

@yellanikhil99 Which sensor have you chosen for the project? Also, what is the output of the sensor like? Does it return an Analog or Digital value?

The sensor is Heart rate sensor and the pin I have connected it to the analog pin, is is retiring an analog value of 1023

Hi @yellanikhil99:

Could you share a link to the sensor which you are using.

While I have asked for a link, based on your current description of the sensor, it will not be possible to use the sensor, with the sensor directly interfaced with the Bolt WiFi module.

As per what I can understand, your sensor probably gives an analog output which is the output of the ECG. This is a continuous wave, which has to be processed, and then you can get the heartbeat count from it.

If my assumptions are right, you will have to use an Arduino to process the ECG pattern and count the heartbeats and upload the same to the Bolt Cloud via the Bolt WiFi module.

I am sorry for the late reply. This is the link for the sensor:-

I am curious to know whether to do this project, to send the data to bolt cloud once it detects the heart rate which is processed by the Arduino.

Is there no other alternative to use the heart beat sensor with bolt module without using arduino?

did you get any answer?

Used many of the pulse sensors available in the market. But found non of them working fine. One of the pulse sensor with a finger inserting probe proves to be a better one compared to others. I used the code from this site: Easy Pulse Sensor