Heating problem

Will the bolt chip get heated up if i keep it out in sun for a day for plant monitoring,(temp is around 40 deg)

Hey there,
Considering the Bolt IOT board to be comparable to the other common micro-controller boards available in the market, it’s supposed to be able to handle temperatures ranging from -20 to 60 degree Celsius easily(to be in the safe range of course).
However, it should be reasonable to assume short bursts of exposure to extremities can be managed by these boards due to the dissipative properties of these boards and by extension, micro controllers.
As for your immediate problem, these boards should be capable of handling temperatures in the 40 degree range for a day or so without any serious repercussions.
An accurate range can be given by the manufacturers.

Bolt IOT device is capable to handle such enviromental conditions(upto 60 degree) but if you are facing such issue then i will suggest you to put the device with some cover box or in the shed(this will help to some extent) and connect the external peripherals using wires and breadboard.