Hello Darshan from this side ,I am getting internal server error 500,In projext 5 graph code

This is error ,I got.

And this is the code is written…

setChartTitle(‘Buzzer ON?OFF’);
singleButton({name:“Buzzer On”,action:“digitalWrite”,pin:“0”,value:“HIGH”,bgcolor:“green”,shape:“circle”,align:“center”,“text_color”:“white”
singleButton({name:“Buzzer off”,action:“digitalWrite”,pin:“0”,value:“LOW”,bgcolor:“green”,shape:“circle”,align:“center”,“text_color”:“white”

Check hardware module and change code snippet of set axis name to bar graph.so it is better to indicate the buzzer ON or OFF using bar graph

as you can see you have written p instead of P
verify the code again and check the hardware connections

Hi, Is your issue resolved?

Because,after discussing with all you i came to known about that, the problem is with the variable name,i had not entered the variable name of that pin so that’s why there is an internal server error.