Hello got an doubt on LDR senor iot project as in and where we use on social like real time applications all was telling about it where are using

hello got an doubt on LDR senor iot project as in and where we use on social like real time applications all was telling about it where are using

You can find about LDRprojects for engeenering online
Some of the projects are

  • LDR based Light Detector.
  • Solar Tracker using LDR Automatically.
  • Op-amp & LDR based Light Detector.
  • Smart Bulb Holder using LDR .
  • LDR& Transistors based Light Detector.
  • LDR based Darkness Detecting.
    You can find many projects here and why they are using them


hm and what can done with boltiot usingScreenshot_20210330_133322 an LDR
can say about the data when we use that light as 1 .02thousand as where were to say in here we could be useddd


Light intensity monitoring system in helpful for monitoring activities/tasks that are affected by the variations in the intensity of light such as gardening, detecting presence light, to find a location to fix your solar panel and many more.

As already stated in the training videos, one specific example of its real time application is Xiaomi’s Plant Smart Monitor.

what were use as data on the creation like as 1.02 thousand

1.02 thousand is the intensity of the Light where you are performing the experiment and collecting the data. Change your location or light source to get different data points.

what is the use of data pointsss eagerly was asking

Light Monitoring can be used at many fields.One which I thought is we can make a program in such a way that LDR checks the light intensity and if it less than a threshold value(decided by us), switch on the light.
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As we all know temperature plays an important role in the photosynthesis process . So it is really very essential to analyze the temperature that was taken by the plants each and every day. By using the data point we can get a idea about the water supply required to the plants and what are the other nutrients that can be added to plants to improve their photosynthesis process. Hope this will be helpful for you.

This project can be used in determining the correct place for keeping plants based on the data collected on light intensity throughout the day.
The LDR sensor IOT project can also be implemented in labs where photochemical reactions are performed to ensure optimum light intensity during the reaction.
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hello what value we have to be take as threshold

I took near about 25

on the threshold value was highers than light intensity monitoring value then can you explain once what happened sir i have get 35 ,36,33,32,30,31,31,31 please sir give your suggestions sir

These devices are used where there is a need to sense the presence and absence of light is necessary. These resistors are used as light sensors and the applications of LDR mainly include alarm clocks, street lights, light intensity meters, burglar alarm circuits.

hello sir how we are be using on street lights, etc like that doing with boltiot

You could use the LDR to detect sunlight, and connect an
LED or a relay in one of the digital IO pins. So if sunlight is present, A0 value greater than a value you could choose and then relay/led is turned off, else if it gets dark, you could turn on the led/relay thus making an automated street light. Check this Youtube tutorial https://youtu.be/RDnTYlOkhWY

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this is used in street lights in such a way that using this LDR sensor we can turn off the street light at day time and vice versa.