Help me in writing python code in ubuntu server using VMware

i am writing code in ubuntu server,how can i continue the command in next line? if i write the code continuously it will show some other symbol in the next line.anyone help me.

can u send the screenshot for better understanding of your question

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how to continue in next line?

if i continue in same line,it enters to the next line with taking that symbol by default.
help me out in solving this doubt.

A python file has to be created and in that you have to write the code.
You can continuously write the same code. Maximise the tab.
For next line press enter

I hope this helps you.
Good luck

yes i have created python file by typing sudo nano then even if i maximize the screen it takes my code to next line with that symbol (as shown in picture).

anyone please help me out in solving this problem

@chandu It is not any type of fault or error, it is the continuation of the same line and it is the way for representing a longer line of code in VMware as screen size is limited. Just write the whole line and press enter for next line of code.


ok thank you so much for your response.

sir when i join bolt with usb cable and usb cable with laptop after connecting with wifi with app of bolt only blue coulor is blinking and green colour is not showing sir can i get your no

Refer to the ‘troubleshooting the setup process’ in getting started with iot cloud module.

First check the Internet connectivity ,check your hotspot and also refer troubleshooting section of bolt wifi module