Help me resolving telegram project error

hello there!..i am getting this error…i am trying out this project since days …anyone help me out in resolving this error

Have you imported time function in the code?

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The sensor value should be less that or equal o 255 right!

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yes i have imported time function

but everytime i am getting value more than 255.

@chandu I just now solved this error,please check the telegram account details the channel id and bot id that is token accurately. Check the ‘zero’ and ‘O’ in bot token .
Hope this helps.

Hi @chandu,
I got the same error just use the correct bot id and the correct channel id.

Thank you

Your program is running perfectly, all you need to do enter correct information in file.
Check them thoroughly

For the id after @ just give you id like “@Hindi
And coming to telegram token, it’s quite tough if we are doing in vm.

Copy your telegram message and past in word and change font style and size into something, that you can understand.

Hope this helps. Kudos .