Help project smart door

Hello! My name is Vali and I am from Romania. In about 2 months I have to submit my diploma thesis to the university. The problem is that I’m not very good with software, I was put in contact with a person from the Bolt community who helped me as much as he could until Bolt products arrived in Romania. He informed me that he ran out of time and to try to find someone else. I need to make a smart door with facial recognition, the basic idea is to start facial recognition based on a motion sensor and when the face is detected and registered in the system, a motor will make a rotation. On top of that I would like to add an additional method in case facial recognition doesn’t work, add a keypad for a code. Mainly it was said that I will use this project Smart Door with Face Unlock - as a base and later add a keyboard, the problem is that I don’t know C# and it’s hard for me to modify.
Before he let me know he ran out of time he told me he could help me with the Python implementation for these features and I could do the interface. I’ve done that so far.

Can someone help me, please?

Hi @valentin_beliciu,

We will surely try to help you out with your project. Could you please elaborate on the work that you have done until now?