Hexcodes not working for text color in heading during website designing using HTML

from h3 to h6 hexcodes are not giving color text . Please check the attached image and help me to solve it.

Hi, I think maybe the colours you have chosen are difficult to distinguish, thus giving you issue in seeing them, but I can see all the different colours in your screenshot, you should try some bright colours for the hexcode, you will be able to view them then.

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As @astivhuman66 has mentioned. It’s correct that the colors you are choosing may not be visible for the size of the text.

You can simply google the hex colors, like β€˜#441032’ to check what is the color of the code. And even get customized hex codes from there itself.

I hope this helps you in using varieties of colors and knowing beforehand which color you are exactly looking at.

Yes. Thank You @akshayan.sinha

Yes. Thank you @astivhuman66