Hi, i have added a bolt device in bolt app and I'm not used this few months now I'm connecting the bolt device but it's not connecting and it is showing offline and it's asking password

  1. I have ordered bolt iot in few month ago and I added a device. Later I did not used it.
    2.now I’m willing to working on it but the bolt device is not connecting and it’s showing offline.
    Pls help me

Refer to this - https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/getting-started-video-tutorial

You can also use the training course module.

I faced same issue, what I found strange was, the BOLT module didn’t connect in my hotspot, then I took my brother’s phone, installed Bolt App from his own playstore ID & the module successfully established connection.
Try this, might work.

I have also faced the same issue.
The problem was, I had connected my Bolt IOT device to a different internet access for the first time and I realized that the Bolt IOT device was not getting the internet access
So, I connected Bolt IOT to my wifi router from the beginning of setting up the Bolt IOT Wifi Module and it worked fine and I was able to connect it even after a long time
I wish my reply would help you resolve your issue

Hey, i was also facing similar issues like you. But i can suggest you a module which you can visit and have a clear idea.