Hi,i took up the certification exam , now how will be able to get the certificate for the course

hi,i took up the certification exam , now how will be able to get the certificate for the course

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hello whether you have submitted your project videos and the evaluation may goes on and you will get your result and you will get your certificate

I have given my exam before a week ago but didn’t receive any reply on the matter. When will I get the certificate mailed to me?

Hi @komu2799,

Please check your spam folder to check if you have received the certificate.

Do let me know in case you need further assiatcne.

hey, Its going to be a week and till now I did not got my certificate on my email.
please help me.

Hi @bhaskarkumar.india,

I am inviting @shoeb.ahmed1 to help you out with this query. He is on leave today and he will be replying to you by tomorrow EOD.

@bhaskarkumar.india As per our records, your exam has been graded and sent on 16th March 2021 at around 11:30am. I have also resent it now. Can you please check your SPAM folder also?

I didn’t got my final certificate yet…

@bhaskarkumar.india: Can you confirm if you have checked your SPAM folder?

I think it takes 5-7 working days after submitting your test and project to receive certificate.
Certificate will be received through email.

yes, I checked many times but in spam folder there is no any email from your side or any email having certificates in it.

@bhaskarkumar.india Can you please search for the text “Bolt IoT test result” in your inbox and SPAM folder and send a screenshot here to show that it is not present? If it is no longer present, I will manually send the certificate copy to you.

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thanks I found the email with cerificate by searching by your suggestion

not yet received posted the query 8 months ago.

@komu2799 The emails in the SPAM folder get deleted every 30 days depending on your inbox settings. It is highly unlikely that any email older than 30 days would be present in the SPAM folder.

Is there any way now to get the certificate again coz I haven’t yet received one and I want to file application using the same.

@komu2799 Please write to support@boltiot.com requesting to resend the certificate. Please make sure to enter the course access code in the email. This will be helpful for us to find and authenticate your result.

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