Home automation "code error"

That’s the code it was working earlier but now I don’t know why it’s not working yup i checked the connection they r correct… Even it’s connected to internet… But still no working…
Will be glad if u can help me…
And i pasted the code overthere…

Bolt IoT Platform ON OFF

@lunaticmotivation2 Can you please share the link of the post that you have used earlier and the code that you have used?

It’s exactly same to the code written on training site …i can’t even a on a led…and i have to complete my project… Plss help… I’ll be grateful to u

Bolt IoT Platform ON OFF

@lunaticmotivation2 Have you done the hardware config of the Bolt module? What are the variable names?
You can also try using this snippet of code to turn on/off the LED on pin 0 of the Bolt. For this, save the code as with the .js extension on the product config page. Make sure that you have done the hardware config before this.

var dual = dualButton();
dual.first_button({name :"LED ON", action :"digitalWrite", pin :0, value :"HIGH", text_color:"red"})
dual.second_button({name :"LED OFF", action :"digitalWrite", pin :0, value :"LOW", text_color:"red"})