Home automation project using smart phone

My project is home automation using smartphone. My bulb does not glow.
Whether i choose file extension as html or js?.and i also have doubt to choose input device or output device

You have to select device as output device and file extension as .html and still your bulb doesn’t glow check code and hardware if it is correct.

I double checked the coding and hardware configuration.still bulb doesn’t glow.this project didn’t work. Please help me to complete the project

Can i use 0 watt bulb?

Yeah, you can use 0 watt bulb and with this use 5 V relay.

Check the connection properly. Check if you have inserted the smaller leg or negative leg into the Ground.

But i’m using the bulb…

I’m trying this project.https://youtu.be/RDnTYlOkhWY

This is the pin configuration between wifi module and relay module.when i ON the switch, there is no result in bulb


Can you please check if you code is working correctly first by controlling a LED on the pin that you are trying to control.

If it works fine, then go ahead and make the relay connection. Clink both ON and OFF buttons after some interval and check if relay makes the click sound. If not, then there is a problem with your connection.

Also, please share a clear image of your circuit which clearly shows the connections that you have made.

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.js file extension should be used so that the number of lines might decrease when compared to html

It works with LED properly
But doesn’t work with bulb
I connect Gnd of relay to Gnd of wifi module,Vcc of relay module to 5v of wifi module and IN to GpIO 0.
NO terminal is connected to 2 pin socket & COM terminal of relay module with bulb holder
I’m using 0 watt bulb.
Cloud is properly connecting
Everything is fine.but i didn’t get the result!..

Go through the course you will build your own home automation project

What’s the reason may be!..i really want to complete this project

Relay module doesn’t make any sound…i checked the connections also…i didn’t know that what the problem is! Please help me to complete this.

Check whether the relay module is working fine or not.
Go through this link https://www.hackster.io/boltmakers/home-automation-8cc388

The code in this link shows error,when i try to set Api key.how can i set Api key in this code?
And i also have the doubt, whether i can connect relay module directly with ac power supply?.whether it makes any damage in relay module?

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What is the exact issue that you are facing?