Hosting iot bolt on firebase

i am actually trying to make an on / off button for led using iot bolt and im hosting this on firebase is there any way i can do this

Hello, yes there is a way to install the bolt iot along with anyother device on a fire base. Firstly you can use aluminium foils to completely cover the bolt module along with the power management system, all the wires and connections should be covered with the aluminium foil. Lastly i would recommend using a insulation after wrapping the foils as an extra layer of protection.

Use the bolt api :

Project 6,7,8 can give you an idea of how the commands are used. It is for the python library but you will get the idea.

Have you managed to do what you wanted? If yes, can you please share a step by step instruction? Of course, if you do not object and have time for it. I think it will be interesting for other users as well. With regard to hosting, what provider are you using for your site? I am looking at I think I will try their free version to learn more about their services.