How arduino uno can be used to make bolt iot products

i just want to ask how we could use arduino to built the same products of iot as we are using bolt wifi module

@adityarbt Arduino can’t store data on cloud whereas Bolt WiFi module can send and retrieve data from Bolt cloud. Same sensors can be used with both. But with Bolt WiFi module you get access to the data visualization and other stuffs.

So you can use the Bolt WiFi module along with the Arduino to built projects of your own. Arduino offers a wide variety of pins so that you can connect many sensors and process the communication between them.

You will first need to add the BoltIoT-Arduino-Helper which can be downloaded here and then in the arduino program, just call the library by #include <BoltIoT-Arduino-Helper.h> and then declare some global variable that you will call in some string that you will declare next.
In the arduino’s void setup() call these 2 following functions
boltiot.setCommandString(“RD\r”, name_of_the_created_string);
and then in the void loop(), call your global variable and set it to the value of the sensor.
For the code of the product on boltiot cloud, you will need to first select during the creation of the project, Input device and then the way to collect data is UART, choose the number of CSV that you want and give the variable names, in my case i have only one CSV ant the variable name is reading

Here is a sample of the JS code:
var graphObj = new boltGraph();

Here is the arduino sample of code:
#include <BoltIoT-Arduino-Helper.h>

int reading = 0;

String Reading(String *data){

String stringReading = String(reading);

return stringReading;


void setup() {

// put your setup code here, to run once:



boltiot.setCommandString(“RD\r”, Reading);


void loop() {

reading = analogRead(A0);


the schematic to connect the boltiot wifi module is available Here