How Can I connect LDR and LED at same time to Bolt WiFi module

How Can I connect LDR and LED at same time to the Bolt WiFi module.

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Hey, that’s pretty simple i guess. If you go back to the lessons of LED and LDR you’ll see the Connections.
For the LED you need to insert the negative leg of the LED into the ground and the resistor twisted around the positive leg and inserted into the ‘0’ digital pin.(See connections from the bolt training)
For the LDR you need connections for the resistor and the LDR, LDR into ‘3V3’ and ‘A0’ pin and the resistor into the ‘GND’ and ‘A0’ pin.(Make sure that the resistor and LDR pins at ‘GND’ and ‘3V’ don’t touch otherwise it’ll short circuit and damage the bolt and See the connections from bolt training)
I’d suggest to use the breadboard provided for the connections so that the wires don’t crowd and cause issues. That’s it, then the working of your LED and LDR depends on the program you write in the Bolt Cloud: Project page.

Something like the pictures shown here. Once you’ve done this you’ll have to make a new project, in the configuration select the ‘0’ and ‘A0’ variable pins that you’ve used and write a code on however you’d like to operate the two. (Code will be available anywhere online if you search)
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how to see the graph it not showing variation in graph

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Hey, can you show me the code you’ve written for the LDR graph??

Hey @chandrashekar2202000,
For all the products the sensor value is fetched after 5 min, so if u want to see the variation in the graph keep the circuit turned ON for minimum 5 minutes or you can click on deploy configuration button in the bolt cloud page to fetch the sensor values immediately.:slightly_smiling_face: