How can I connect Water Sensor to the BOLT Wifi Module

How can I connect any of the Water Sensors (ultrasonic sensors, pressure transducers, bubblers, and float sensors) to the BOLT Wifi Module?

You cannot directly connect sensors like ultrasonic sensors to Bolt wifi module .
The reason is that these sensors use both input and output feature of GPIO pins to produce output. and bolt product limits use of GPIO pins to either input or output.
Solution –
You can use arduino or similar microcontrollers to collect and process the data from sensor, and then you can send this data to bolt module over UART input and extract that data in bolt cloud

Okay Thanks for your response. But Can i connect High Sensitivity Water sensor (REES52) to Bolt WiFi module as it has only3 pins output, GND, VCC.

REES52 Water Sensor is an easy-to-use, cost-effective high level/drop recognition sensor which is obtained by having a series of parallel wires exposed traces measured droplets/water volume in order to determine the water level.
S(Signal) pin : is an analog output that will be connected to the A0 of the bolt module.

  • (VCC) pin: supplies power for the sensor ,is connected to the 3V3 pin of the bolt module.
    – (GND) : is a ground connection which is connected to the GND pin of the bolt module.