How can i get Boltduino?

Is it possible to get boltduino? if yes how can you get one & if no then when it will be available. I have tried searching over internet & i cannot found any place where i can purchase it. If someone knows anything about this then please let me know.

Boltduino is not a product it’s a concept of integrating bolt WiFi module with Arduino

Go through this link you’ll get to learn how to integrate bolt module to Arduino


I already know how to integrate bolt to arduino. I have readed docs & have done it long ago. I just wanted to know if boltduino exits or not because i have seen people using it. So if boltduino does not exits how does people have it? Even when someone aked them how did you get it some answers were you can order it from amazon & flipkart.

So boltduino exits or not because i have seen people with real boltduino in their hand and i’m absolutely sure about that. So how do they have one?

It was given to kickstarter backers, It’s production is suspended as of now and is unavailable for sale.