How can I power my bolt device that I got in my kit using a battery

I wanna make a drone using the bolt device but I cannot use a power bank to keep my bolt device running as it is too heavy so how do I use a battery AA of 1.5 V to power it up.

I’ve attached a video. Instead of 9V battery you can buy AA battery slot clip.

So I would like to know if powering my bolt device with 3 AA batteries such that it gives 4.5 V instead of required 5 V or using 4 AA batteries to give 6 V would not damage it

Short Answer NO.
Long Answer YES if you read the below details…

  1. Every device has a voltage regulator for regulation of input voltage so does the bolt device.
  2. I cannot see the specifications of the voltage regulator used on bolt clearly, but mostly they have used LM1117 3.3 voltage series.
  3. If we see its datasheet, the maximum voltage one could give input is 15 volts and the power dissipation is internally limited.
  4. But this does not actually mean that we can connect input of 15 volts to the bolt device, it actually depends on the max amount of heat the voltage regulator used can get heated to dissipate the power.[dissipation of power is amount of power the regulator dissipates to step down the provided input voltage to 3.3 volts].
  5. The used voltage regulator can approximately allow 125 C(temperature) which is the limit.
  6. This means suppose we assume we connect any load to bolt device which approximately consume 1 A of current and 6 volts (4 AA batteries), then the calculation goes
    Power input=(6-3.3)*1 A = 2.7 W
  7. From datasheet we get Theta(ja) is approx 50 C/W
  8. So the device will get heated to 2.7*50= 135 C(temperature) to dissipate the power.
  9. So you would not want your device to get heated above 125 C.
  10. So actually if you want to connect 6 volts( 4 AA batteries) you must ensure your load connected to bolt device (like LED, buzzer,etc) does not consume more than 0.8 A current.
  11. Generally smaller loads like LED,etc does not draw that much high current, so its ok if you connect 6 volts. But if you know you have connected other types of loads which draw more current than 0.8 A current , then you will surely blow up the device to fire.

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