How can i retake the quiz?

My doubt is can we retake a quiz that comes after a section is completed if we have scored less and we want to do better. I tried to retake the quiz but it was not possible.


The quiz is just to test or check how much you learned and remembered the things taught in the particular section.

Once attempted, you cannot retake that particular test . And its no problem if you scored less , at least you gained something and can perform better in further quiz to secure good percentage.

Thanks and keep learning!!!

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once you take up the quiz its the final chance .further there is no chance and it marks will be final.

Only one chance
So carefully give answers

you can’t retake the quiz once you complete the quiz it’s done.Thank you

Quiz can only be taken once.It is to check how much have you understood the concept.

hello vaishnavic16,
Once you have completed and submitted your quiz, you can-not retake or change it.Quiz can be taken only once.It is not a thing to worry if you have scored less marks in is just for self-practice.Quiz marks doesn’t matter what matter the most is your understanding and clearing your concept.Don’t worry and go on with your training.
thank you and have a good day!

Only one chance
Can’t get twice

Once you attempted a test you cannot retake it. It’s just to know how much you understood a particular section. Not a big deal. Don’t panic and give your best in further tests. All the best!


Unfortunately the quiz cannot be retaken during the course. Make sure you attempt the quiz only when your concepts are clear and not otherwise. Thank you.