How do i configue with bolt device

the blue led is stable but the green led is not on. I can see my device showing offline in Bolt IoT Android app.

It means you Bolt is connected to your WiFi network but not getting the internet access. Enable the internet access from your wifi network.

First you need to download the Bolt IoT mobile app either you have Android or ios phone.
follow the instruction given on the app and proceed.first time your phone will connected to Bolt device provided wifi and after that you need a wifi connection active on your phone and your device shows online and green light will on.

You disconnect the cable from bolt device and reconnect it.

You have to need download Bolt iot mobile application for Android or iOS.
Then connect the Bolt iot module with charging cable for power supply through laptop or charger.
now in Bolt iot app you will see the connect a new device through it and connect a Bolt iot.
Be with the steps as per shown in Bolt app.
Must need at last you have to come online by mobile data, So ON the mobile data