How do I get a network other than Wifi modem network

I started my bolt IOT . I registered and got into the mobile app. It asks for a wifi network but I dont have a Wifi modem connection at home. So I decided to use my cellular data of one of my phones to get the network. But the connection didn’t establish and asked me to retry. I did retry but at the end it’s the same results ( not connected).

@jpthelegendarygamer First of all if you don’t have WiFi connection then you require two mobiles in one you have to download bolt app and use other mobile for hotspot and then from first mobile connect to the hotspot and type the password. Did you tried this?

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@jpthelegendarygamer first connect your boltiot with phone for first time after that, you can connect your phone with your laptop/PC and access your internet with USB tethering and then turn on your hotspot it will connect automatically…

Hi @jpthelegendarygamer

Check this link Connecting Bolt to College University WiFi Network?

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Yes , i did try this but didn’t work.