How do i get the link for the project that i have subimted

Once the project is submitted for review, click on the preview button, on the top right corner and select the “Preview in new tab” option from the drop down list as shown in below image

When the preview is opened in a new tab, copy the link from the address bar as shown in below picture image

Note : Every thing regarding project submission is mentioned in training course. you can go through this link : Instructions for the project and forum questions | Bolt IoT

I have done as u said . But after i logged out and again when i tried to open the link the following message was popped out.

Ya no problem don’t worry. when you asked for link in exam for project then you give the same link that you have now.
You may not able to view but the admins can see your project.

Note : keep the link safely with you for the exam.

How you have created the project

You have given the certification exam??

Follow the Instructions which are mentioned in the below link for creating project : Submitting a project – Bolt IoT project submission

@gauravsinghgs8888 ya I have given the certification exam recently.