How does this works at the backend

Kindly please explain the back end working or codes that help to connect the wifi module and how it transmitts the data to the cloud

@vimaljerome13 If you have received the kit and can access course then go through it everything is given in detail in the course itself. For the codes, search the documentation of your BOLT cloud account.

Thank you for your response sir i wanted to know the code that connects the wifi module to the phone and the computer

for connecting to the phones there is a BOLT app, initially the device turns only blue light on. when the blue light is blinking slowly it means its setting up hotspot and once the phone is connected to it it blinks faster. once its connected to the phone using the app you can connect the device to your WiFi router

hope that what you are looking for.

When boltiot is perfectly connected , blue WiFi led becomes stable,then in case green colored cloud led comes handy .This led tells whether Bolt module is connected to internet as well as cloud or not.

@vimaljerome13 For the code,

mention @PPV @rahul.singh1 @yeshwant.naik @pranav.kundaikar.inv @vinayak.joshi and @shoeb.ahmed in your text. They are the admins and moderators of the course.

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Hi @vimaljerome13,

Communication between bolt device and Bolt Cloud happens over the MQTT protocol . Check this link

Do let me know in case you need any other information.


Thank you soo much sir.