How python code works on bolt?

I’ve already posted a question about this. But no response. I’ve mailed to too. But I’m not getting proper response and answer to my question.
I’ve to submit my project within a week. So please help me how vmware works in running python code which will connect to bolt. I don’t have any basic idea about it. Please let me know about it quickly.

Apologies in case we have missed out on your query in the past. Your question is very general. However I will try to explain in brief.

The python code runs on the vmware which we consider similar to the VPS. When the python code wants to control the Bolt or requires any data from Bolt, it uses the Bolt APIs to send the commands to Bolt.

Let me know if this answers your query. The details explanation of how this works has been provided in the training.

Thank you so much sir…