How the temperature monitoring circuit will work inside a closed fridge(Capstone Project)

In the capstone project, it asked for “Keep the temperature monitoring circuit inside your fridge with the door of the fridge closed, and let the system record the temperature readings for about 2 hours”.
How will the circuit work inside the fridge without connecting to a USB power source??

We can use battery as a power source for module.


It is not mandatory to use the USB port for the power source. You can provide 5V supply from the 5V pin on the Bolt module as well.

Other than that, you can use a Power Bank and provide the power source to the module.

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Just we need to supply a maximum of 5V to Bolt wifi module, so you can use a battery or power bank or any other power supply gadgets.

we can use battery or we can directly connect to 5V pin on bolt module

Any Temperature Monitoring System needs good types of equipment to measure accurate temperature readings. Similarly, in the case of the refrigerator thermostat present in the temperature sensor circuit takes care of the temperature ranges.

When the door is open sensor gets turned off and the light gets turned on. When the door gets closed controller uses the reverse logic for sensor activation.

The temperature sensor senses the temperature inside the refrigerator and sends information to the electronic control. In the case of the refrigerator thermostat present in the temperature sensor circuit takes care of the temperature ranges.
Thermistors are essential components of refrigerators, freezers, AC units, and other systems that require precise temperature management. thermistors.
In freezing and refrigeration, a thermistor is a crucial component that is responsible for allowing systems to stay within a short temperature range. Thermistors can gauge temperatures and then react based on the readings. For instance, cooling cycles will be turned on when the temperature of a refrigerator rises and it will turned off when the temperature reaches the lower level as set in the refrigerator.

Hey prakrikt, the answer to your question is that you don"t need the bolt module always connected to a power supply or an USB, you can connect the bolt module to power band or any battery source and then keep it any where u want.
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we can use batteries or 5V supply of bolt IOT Module or we can use power bank with 5V supply

The temperature monitoring circuit directly connected to a 5V power supply and take power from that battery even if fridge is closed the temperature can be monitored by the temperature monitoring device . The data monitored by the device is shown on desktop or android phone by using BOLT App…
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