How to access IoT and ML course with existing kit?

I have been notified from college that Bolt is providing a free course on IoT and ML with a paid kit of Bolt IoT. I already have the kit from previous training. The contents of the kit are the same as my previous kit.
So how could I start the course as notified from my college for free?
I think this could be the URL to the course:
But as I checked it, it is a paid course. I tried applying the coupon code that I received after completing the scholarship test. Now how can I access this course for free with my existing Bolt IoT kit?

If you have paid for the course previously then you get lifetime access to the course materials.
So, if you have the previous cloud mail id then you can access the course this time without any charges as it is already available for those who have paid.

It has been informed from college that the course is free and the kit has to be paid.
I already have the kit.
Now can’t I get the course for free ?

can you provide me the link?